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Parque Jaime Duque

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On one of the days of our first week in Bogota together with the whole family we went to the Parque Jaime Duque. Located a bit outside of Bogota, it’s a family oriented amusement park founded in the 80s by a former Avianca pilot Jaime Duque Grisales. The park contains some attractions for kids, several replicas of famous buildings from around the world, the Museum of Mankind, and a zoo, demonstrating Colombian fauna. We were particularly interested in seeing the zoo, and it turned out to be a fun place! Check out the photographs I took there.


Capuchin monkeys

Little ducks


Guess who got bitten?

And meet the lama!

Small fluffy animals

Spider monkey

Humming bird

In this park, I saw a humming bird for the first time, and it was something magical. It’s incredible how fast these tiny creatures can move! The bird did not belong to the zoo collection, it just happened to fly there.

Pretty little fox

Seeing this cute little fox, Sergio’s little nephew said: ‘Perrito!’ which means ‘doggie’ in Spanish.


Ecuadorian great horned owl

More birds

‘Cocaine’ hippos

Parque Jaime Duque became home for a couple of descendants of ‘cocain’ hippos. In 80s, Pablo Escobar kept some unusual pets — four large hippos illegally imported to Colombia. After the drug lord’s death they were just left there on their own. They managed not only to survive, but also grew in number, which, according to ecologists, poses a big risk to the local environment.

Sunset in the park

Photos taken in January 2020

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