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Today I would like to share with you some pictures I took in Toronto during our last trip to North America in the autumn of 2019. We came to Canada to attend Sarah and Nate’s wedding, and it was my first time visiting this country.

Downtown, day 1

We took it slow on the first day after arrival. We were staying together with friends and family in an Airbnb house in Brampton. We had a breakfast, picked up a rental car and went to a nearby moll, where we bought SIM cards and had a lunch.

Late in the afternoon we drove to Toronto Downtown. We didn’t do much there, just had a stroll around the famous CN Tower, went to the waterfront and had a couple of drinks on a cozy open air terrace.

It was probably the last warm day that year and I was wearing a summer dress.

On the next couple of days we attended the beautiful wedding, spent some time with the family and had a trip to St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, where I took so many photos, which I’d like to share in a separate post.

Downtown, day 2

Having returned from St. Catharines, we spent another couple of days exploring Toronto. We went to Downtown again and had a longer walk there.

Downtown in Toronto has this typical business district vibe. It’s full with tall buildings, housing countless offices, shops, banks and restaurants.

Again, we walked along the waterfront, enjoying the fresh autumn air.

Distillery District

Having explored the downtown, we decided to drive to the Distillery District. This pedestrian area full with 19th century buildings got its name for housing once a large whiskey distillery. These days it’s a hip area with good restaurants and bars, designer boutiques and art installations. We absolutely enjoyed browsing in its shops.

There we also had a lunch in BOKU, a nice Japanese place.

Kensington Market

On another day we went to see Kensington Market, another hip area with its unique vibe. It’s a popular alternative-multicultural area, which is considered to be a symbol of tolerance in Toronto.

In this neighbourhood, you will find many Victorian homes, numerous specialty grocers and bakeries, vintage boutiques and arts spaces.

Driving and parking in these narrow streets should be particularly challenging.

The area is full of vintage and modern murals and indie art installations. It’s known to be the most photographed neighbourhood in Toronto.


Located just 10 walking minutes away from Kensington Market, Chinatown strikes with its authenticity. It’s full with Asian open-air markets and shops offering fresh fruits, vegetables and other Asian goods. Of course there are also many Asian restaurants and cafés.

We had a lunch in a very Chinese restaurant called Harmony. The food made me feel as if I was back to China! We also spent some time in a bubble tea shop Hey Sugar, where I had literally the best bubble tea I’ve ever tried.

Photos taken in September 2019

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