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Granada, Spain

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In September 2018, I spent a week in Granada, a city in Spain. I was attending a conference there and did not do any touristy things, but I still was able to enjoy my time there. I stayed in a hotel right in the downtown. Every morning I would get up early, have a very nice breakfast in the hotel and head to the conference center which was just 15 walking minutes away from the place where I stayed. On the way I would enjoy seeing how the city wakes up.

In the evenings I mostly socialised with people I met at the conference, going to bars, restaurants and tapas places with very delicious Mediterranean foods and wines, but I also managed to spend some evening hours walking in the city with my tiny camera, and today I would like to show you the photographs I took during these couple of walks.

On my way to Alhambra

On one of the evenings I decided to walk towards the city’s main attraction Alhambra, an Arab citadel and palace. In order to visit it, one has to book a ticket in advance, which I did not do, since I was there on business trip. People say it is very beautiful inside, but it’s also totally worth seeing its exterior and walking in the surrounding gardens.

I decided to reach Alhambra on foot. While being in Granada I never had to use public transport. All venues and sights were within walking distance. Also the streets of the city were so different, I felt I would never be bored, even walking long distances.

Alhambra was built on top of a hill, so, it is quite easy to find it even without a map by simply following any path upwards.


And here we go! The Tower of Justice, the original entrance gate to the Alhambra, was built by Yusuf I in 1348. Don’t let the absence of people on the photo fool you. The place was crowded!

I walked through the main gate of Alhambra — up to this point one does not need a ticket. Here I bought an ice-cream and enjoyed the view of the surroundings. I have also noticed the incredible line of the people with reservations waiting to get inside and even felt happy that I did not have to stand there.

Having left the inner yard, I went to explore the territory close by.

A walk in the downtown

On several buildings in Granada I saw such palm branches attached to windows. I haven’t found out what it means, but I guess it should have some religious meaning.

I really love the way how these plants in terracotta pots look!

That was not my first visit to Spain. Two previous times I traveled together with Sergio who speaks Spanish, and, hence, the whole speaking was on him. This time I realised for the first time that people in Spain (at least in Granada) do not speak very good English. I mean, it was still manageable, but I could tell that I am in the country the language of which I still do not understand 🙂

Funnily enough, pomegranate fruit in Spanish is called granada

Catedral de Granada

The cathedral in Granada is incredibly beautiful! On some other evening I went inside and appreciated the interior.

The Alcaicería market

Another fun thing to do in the downtown of Granada is visiting the Alcaicería market, formerly the city’s Grand Bazaar. I passed this place several times. The whole neighbourhood of the Alcaicería was once an Arab marketplace but was almost completely destroyed in a fire in the 18th century. Nowadays, in the remaining part of the market they sell touristy souvenirs and interesting items like traditional ceramics, fabrics, spices and stained glass lamps. The Alcaicería is located next to the Plaza Bib Rambla, near Granada Cathedral. Also many good restaurants are located in the area.

Another evening walk

Good coffee

I guess I should also mention, that I was pleasantly surprised by the coffee culture in the city. I have tried coffee in several different places, and I especially enjoyed the coffee from two shops: La Finca (they actually roast their own coffee and have a good selection of specialty drinks) and I Need Coffee (their flat white was on point).

To conclude, Granada is an amazing city and I will definitely try to visit it again as a tourist.

Photos taken in September 2018

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