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Nara Deer Park and a bit more of Kyoto

Доступно на русском ► There were at least two reasons for me to go to Nara. Firstly, during one of the Japanese lessons which I took in the university, we were reading and translating a short text about the Todai-ji temple located in Nara. There I’ve learned that it is known as one of the greatest Buddhist temples ...
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Kanazawa, Where It All Has Begun

Доступно на русском ► In 2004, I went abroad for the first time. With three other kids I was selected to represent my school and and the city at an international children’s forum which was held in Kanazawa, Japan. I didn’t know much about Japan before that trip, and visiting that country for the first time turned out ...
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Japan trip 2018

Доступно на русском ► When I just started this blog I thought I would post only camera photos here, but then I realised that the story might be incomplete if I exclude all phone snaps and the associated memories. So, here I am, writing this post illustrated with iPhone pics only. Last spring in the middle of March ...
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